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Schulze Teaching Fellows Partnership Program

Literacy Kids provides experience and funding to St. Thomas education majors as they work with children in Catholic elementary schools in need of extra support. Funding for the program is generously provided by the Richard M. Schulze Foundation. The Schulze Teaching Fellows tutors, who must be undergraduate University of St. Thomas students who are sophomore or junior education majors or minors with a GPA of 3.0 or above, are chosen for the program through a competitive application process.

There are two main objectives of the program:

  • Inspire children to become engaged readers and mathematicians through a free before/after-school literacy program
  • Provide Schulze Teaching Fellows the opportunity to enhance their development as future teachers


Dr. Liz Fogarty

Assistant Professor of Education
Richard Schulze speaking at an on-campus event

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation

Funding for the program is provided by the Richard M. Schulze Foundation. We appreciate the generosity of donors who are invested in impacting both young learners and future educators, helping them build literacy, math, and teaching skills, as well as compassion and confidence. The Schulze Teaching Fellows gain valuable skills and experience, providing a pipeline of future teachers for Twin Cities Catholic schools.

St. Thomas student helping elementary student in an elementary classroom

Making an Impact

In the 2023-2024 academic year, St. Peter Claver School served as the partner site. Ten Schulze Teaching Fellows were selected as Literacy Kids tutors and two as mathematics tutors. Prior to working with students, Literacy Kids tutors learned about the developmental progression of literacy in students in kindergarten through third grade. The fellows also learned about literacy assessments to better tailor their sessions to their students' needs.

Tutoring sessions for both literacy and math were conducted on site twice a week throughout the school year and included attention to phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, fluency, and comprehension. To measure the efficacy of the program, tutors conducted pre- and post-assessments to evaluate students' literacy and math skills improvement.

The Fellows themselves benefited from this program, developing confidence and experience and gaining skills in instruction, lesson planning, and behavior management.

Student Success in Literacy

St. Peter Claver students made incredible progress through the Literacy Kids tutoring program:


100% of students made progress with sight words and in their fluency.



Of the 12 out of 22 students that were identified as not as proficient in the pre-program assessment, all 12 made progress toward proficiency in one or more areas. 


All 11 second and third grade students increased their comprehension proficiency while reading at their grade level. 

2023-24 Schulze Teaching Fellows

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