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Answer the Call to Make a Difference

Graduate Studies: K-12 Education

Graduate Studies: Education Licensure

Being an education professional is more than a career choice. It is a calling to teach children and better families and communities. The University of St. Thomas School of Education offers licensure and MA degrees in 16 content areas spanning both general education and special education.

For new teachers and those who have been in the classroom for years, a master's degree in the field of education can help further both your career and your impact on students. As a new teacher, when you earn your initial teaching license, you will also earn your MA in Teaching so you will be prepared to hit the ground running. For experienced teachers, we make it easy to earn an additional teaching license and also offer an advanced MA in Educational Studies degree.

In consultation with your advisor, we will help you in mapping out the degree plan that works best with your busy schedule. At the School of Education, we are here to help you in making all the right decisions for a successful pathway to making an impact in education.

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Initial Licensure/MA in Teaching

Our initial licensure candidates also earn a master's degree (MA) so they can have a long, fulfilling career in the classroom, be more competitive in the job search, and be classroom-ready on day one.

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Additional Teaching License

We make it easy to add on an additional license for experienced teachers.  Choose from any of our K-12 subject areas and get started today.  

Additional Licensure
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MA in Educational Studies

Take the next step in becoming a leader in the education field. Choose a concentration area to augment what you do in the classroom. This degree is also an option for general education additional licensure candidates who would like to apply licensure credits to a master's degree.


School of Education Faculty Lead Change Efforts

University of St. Thomas Faculty members Dr. Amy Smith and Dr. Muffet Trout discuss how being fellows in the TeachingWorks Practice-Based Teacher Education Certificate Learning Sequence is supporting them to implementing program-wide change in their department.

Read Dr. Smith's and Dr. Trout's interview about implementing change

Related Degree Options

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Teacher Residencies

Students receive a yearlong classroom apprenticeship during this accelerated program resulting in a teaching license and master's degree.
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Educational Leadership Master's Programs

Sharpen your educational leadership skills, so you can push through obstacles to implement change.

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EdS Director of Special Education Licensure

The combined degree and licensure preparation provide a strong foundation and understanding of leadership in education for individuals with a master's degree desiring a K-12 Administration license.

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The School of Education has multiple options to further personal development and professional growth.