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Our Superintendent Licensure sequence prepares current and future education leaders who aspire to district- and state-level positions requiring the superintendent license. Students will understand purpose and motivation to serve; attitudes, qualities and practices that build and sustain relationships; and through a combination of class engagement and individual mentoring, each will demonstrate those competencies required to achieve the superintendent licensure. During the program, each intern will be inspired and encouraged by outstanding leaders in state government, the legislature, and school districts; the Minnesota School Board Association; the Minnesota Association of School Administrators; non-profit leaders; and others who meet the special interests of each intern.

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Fall semester


Dr. Michael Lovett

Dr. Michael Lovett

From 2008-2017, Dr. Lovett was superintendent of the White Bear Lake Public Schools. Brimming with experience, he has been a public-school teacher in New York, an administrator at school sites and district levels in Minnesota, and in a leadership role at the Minnesota Department of Education since the '70s.

Headshot of Aura Wharton-Beck

Dr. Aura Wharton-Beck

Aura began her career as a teacher for hearing impaired students in the Chicago Public Schools. Armed with six years of teaching experience, the Minneapolis Public Schools recruited her to teach elementary and middle school students. Her leadership positions include mentoring and coaching teachers, serving as an adjunct faculty in higher education and as a public school principal.

Dr. Aura Wharton-Beck
Headshot of Latanya Daniels

Dr. Latanya Daniels

Dr. Latanya Daniels has committed her life's work to raising achievement and proving that all children - especially marginalized students of color - can achieve at high levels. A 20-year veteran of public education, Dr. Daniels graduated from the St. Thomas EdD program in 2019 and has since gone on to become the Assistant Superintendent of Richfield Public Schools in Minnesota.