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Why St. Thomas

Our Mission Drives Us

The mission of St. Thomas is to educate our students to become morally responsible leaders who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully to advance the common good. This mission is even more important for future teachers and leaders because of all the lives they will assuredly impact.

Our world needs great teachers and leaders who are taught to adapt and are ready to lead. Those are the qualities we strive to instill in our future teachers and leaders. St. Thomas alumni have won Minnesota Teacher of The Year 8 times since 2000 and every one of our students work in real classrooms, so they're better prepared for their own as soon as they graduate.

We want our mission to affect everyone at this university, and beyond - because the common good of everyone matters to us. The best way to create even more morally responsible people who think critically, act wisely and work skillfully for the common good is to produce exceptional teachers and leaders who work with students in every Minnesota classroom, higher education institution and beyond.

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Be More Prepared

Real Experience Yields Better Results

Nobody stands on the sidelines here. At the School of Education, our mentorship and your involvement will prepare you for whatever comes next.

Community Partnerships
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Representing All of Society

Diversifying the Classroom

Teachers of color make a massive difference in the classroom illustrating the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in education and our society.

Resources for Teachers of Color
Students supported by our CUGMEC scholarship program for educators of color.
Tommies have been named Minnesota teacher of the year since 2000.
Only St. Thomas offers undergraduate elementary full-year, supervised teaching placement in the metro area.
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We Have Options

The Wide World of Education

You can become a teacher, and more. Become an administrator or leader in student affairs and pursue your passions - from Pre-K to higher education.

Which Degree is for Me?
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Ease the Financial Burden

Education Can Be Affordable

St. Thomas works closely with community partners to make education affordable with various grants, financial aid and scholarships. We offer an alumni and charter school discount for qualifying students as well.