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Special Education Exceptionalities

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Exceptionalities Minor

Special Education Exceptionalities Minor (20 cr)

This minor supports the development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions for those adult learners who will be facilitating the learning and development of preschoolers/children/youth with disabilities, giftedness or other areas of diversity.  This minor is an excellent option for undergraduates who are teacher education majors, and those in related fields who want to expand their knowledge and skills with children/youth with disabilities and giftedness.

Courses required (12 credits):

  • SPUG 414 Collaboration Skills for School Professionals (4 credits)
  • SPUG 450 Survey of Exceptionality (4 credits)
  • SPUG 485 Behavior Management (4 credits)

Choose two additional courses from the following (8 credits):

  • SPUG 416: Fundamentals for Students with Mild to Moderate Needs (4 credits)
  • SPUG 419 Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Interventions (4 credits)
  • SPUG 478: Fundamentals for Preschoolers (4 credits)