Programs for Teachers of Color

Here at the University of St. Thomas, we've seen firsthand the difference teachers of color can make in the classroom when armed with culturally responsive pedagogy and the preparation to stay in the profession for the long haul. That's why we've partnered with school districts and organizations to provide affordable and flexible pathways for prospective teachers of color to choose a career that will make a difference in the lives of students, families and communities across Minnesota.    

A teacher talking with her students. - Programs for Teachers of Color - Center List

Charter School Authorizing Program

Inspired by the St. Thomas mission, we believe that quality authorizing assists in the creation and maintenance of quality schools and work toward a reality in which all students and families have access to high-quality educational options whether private, charter or district. The schools that make up the UST Charter Network are held to rigorous academic, financial and organizational standards, and must possess a mission which is compatible with that of the University.

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Step-Up Boys Summer Summit

The Step-Up Boys Mentorship Program helps promote student achievement by encouraging students to focus on four educational concepts: Aspirations, Expectations, Opportunities and Achievement. The program is intended to prepare students leaving eighth grade for the increased rigor they will encounter in ninth grade.

Young men part of the Step-Up Boys Mentorship Program inside the University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis campus. - Step-Up Boys Summer Summit - Center List Item